[X] V2.54 small bug in CSV export, with fixing methods


Thanks very much for MP3Tag.

Whenever a metatag contains a semi-colon, then the export CSV will show wrong columns ouput, as semi-column is the delimiter!

Test case:
Take for instance
Title tag

Album tag

View now this in Excel and you have more than 2 columns

Bug fixing:
method1: wrap all export fields with "
method2: change ; to another char, I propose _

I would prompt the user (I discovered this by chance) if the export tag fields are not the same as the current viewed tags !!!

Indeed you might view (title, artist,genre, album) and export (title, genre) believing that you actually exported (title, artist,genre, album).
Here it's obvious, but when more tags are involved and having thousand of files, it might be overlooked. Accident happens...


I doubt that this will be possible as the export format is - unless you have discovered this yourself - always plain text.
It is you who arranges this text in a fashion that other programs consider it as some kind of structured data.
In general this would require built-in knowledge in MP3tag about the target format and the intricacies of various programs and how they interpret the text.

As you are at it: have a look at files that have multi-line fields like UNSYNCEDLYRICS or COMMENT: if you export one of these fields you will get even more surprises then just more columns.

So I wouldn't consider this a bug.

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