[X] VBR Files have a wrong playlength


I noticed that Mp3Tag reports a wrong play length of VBR files, this is not a big issue and does not affect the program at all.

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Sorry, your post is a bit inaccurate, you should give us more details.

Sorry, let's start with an exemple. I have a VBR mp3 file which's real play length is about 3,30min and Mp3tag reports it has a play length of 20 minutes.....

Are you sure the file you have contains a VBR header?

I have a doubt..... Winamp reports the file to be encoded at 32kbps, however the file does not sound as if had such a low bitrate.
May i send you the file?

Yes, you can send it to my contact adress.

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~ Florian

I have noticed too, some mp3 files have wrong seconds length.
ex: 01:14:11, must be 01:14:16.

Still no example files in my inbox :rolleyes:

Length is mainly wrong with bigger (longer) files (over one houre). :frowning:

Florian, did you find (fix) bug in length?

No. I've tested a few 2-3 hours long files I've recorded from the radio for testing, but didn't find any problems with them (used foobar2000 for reference).

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~ Florian

I will send you file, when I find some free time, so that you can fix it. :wink:

I have send you link for sample file via personal message!

Florian, did you downloaded sample file, and does it have wrong length? :huh:

I'm currently not at home till tuesday and have a very limited internet connection - so stay patient.

I've found a open wlan hotspot at the Café Puck in Munich and downloaded the file but can't find any error. foobar2000 reports this file as 1:19:41 too.

Best regards,
~ Florian

I will try with same file on other computer if that wont work
I dont know I'll just wait for new version and hope for correct playtime.

No big deal, this is not essential, the only essential thing is that tags get edited properly and they do so no need to hurry.

Sorry, but I think that wrong playtime is a big deal. But I belive in Florian and will stay patient. :wink:

I checked on other computer and same thing (1:19:34). :frowning:

Well, I doubt that a deviation of a few seconds is that important. Such errors are normal since the calculation of play times implies floating point calculation and therefore rounding errors. Moreover, there are files which have frames with varying attributes. Take this scenario: an MP3 file consists of frames. 50% of these frames have the padding bit set, the other 50% don't have it set. Now program A can calculate the play time for the whole file taking padding into account, while program B can ignore padding since it's not consistent over the whole file. This simple padding bit can make a difference of a few seconds, depending how long the track is. Now you can't say which of the two programs is right or wrong.