[X] .wav cannot be opened for writing replicable bug

Here is an old piece of software that is irrelevant by itself, but it is useful to replicate an Mp3tag bug.
So basically if you use this old software to convert any FLAC file to WAV file, the resulting WAV file cannot be edited by Mp3tag.

Can you replicate this Florian, can it be of help to diagnose why the resulting .wav file cannot be edited by Mp3tag? It's a problem I'm having on my system. Here's the converter that creates a .wav file that causes this problem:


This problem has been discussed 2 times in this forum, one time in the german part of the forum.

[X] WAV file cannot be opened for writing
Taggen von Wave-Files

In both cases the cause was a non standard wave-file.
It seems that there is software that does not creeate full standard wave-files.

Test if rewriting the wave-file with ffmpeg or Audacity solves the problem.

I use an outdated Switch Sound File Converter [4.35] and also outdated version of Sound Forge [7.0]; and have no problems with tags in WAVs

Yes using other tag software also resolves this problem, meaning they read "non standard" tags.
Actually what they do is correct the original non-standard tag and replace it with a standard one that even Mp3tag can read.

So in cases of non-standard tags, I have to open then in another tag software, such as:
And then I go back to Mp3tag which can now edit the files after they go though other tag software.

So the question is this:
Can Mp3tag be made to also read non-standard tags, as a feature of correcting them?

It sees made up fields; at least those made up in Mp3tag

And it allows for putting whatever value you desire to even for example the GENRE tag, which was intended to be used with pre-defined values. Although there are some rare exception to what kind of data you can put in tag fields; but that is not the fault of Mp3tag, but of the given file format:

A] APE: /t/17672/1, http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=398515

B] M4A: /t/17672/1, http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=398515

C] WMA: /t/17714/1

The fact that you use software, that writes correct wave-files does not prove that there is no problem with software that does not.
I also use some not outdated software that makes wave-files I can write tags to.
But I also have not outdated software for recording, that creates wave-files that have to be rewritten with ffmpeg or Audacity, before I can write tags to and Mp3Tag gives the Message "cannot be opened for writing".

The unregistered version of this software creates a truncated WAV file (on 60% of the file can be transcoded for unregistered users). The latest version of this software produces files that are read by Mp3tag.

Can you confirm that this problem still exists with the current Development Build? If so, please provide an example file.

Kind regards
– Florian

Yes , of course Florian.

Version 2.83i still cannot edit this example .wav file:

I've analyzed the file — it's truncated, which means that the data structures in the file report sizes that differ from the actual file size.

There is no way for Mp3tag to determine what to do in such cases. It could be garbage data or audio data or something else. I think it's best to refuse writing to that file in such cases.

Kind regards
– Florian

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