[X] Web source bug

Hi, while creating another websource, I noticed that when dealing with a REALLY long line of html code, that the parser makes a new line out of it and starts at the beginning of the second line instead of the first. This is preventing me from creating this websource. Is there a way around this?

I've tried moving one line up, but of course since it sees that as one line, I get the line before it, even though in the parser it's created a new line out of a single line. I would imagine this could be a simple fix, changing the variable that handles the lines to a longer type. Anyway, a fix or workaround would be helpfull, thank you.

Here is what is happening - find where it works on "Script-Line : 46"
You'll see how it breaks a single line into two lines.
parsealbum.txt (134 KB)

parsealbum.txt (134 KB)

If you use a text editor that is not Notepad you can see there's no linebreak.

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