[X] Web sourced tag reading fault

I share a Data drive on a dual-boot system, between Win8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04.

After tagging .dsf files in Mp3Tag using MusicBrainz, the tags become unreadable to Linux. I attempted to fix this by overwriting the existing tags, but Linux couldn't read them until they had been deleted and then rewritten them.

After checking the fix in Linux I rebooted to Windows and used Mp3Tag to attach album art work. This did not affect readability in Linux.

The problem only occurred with .dsf files.

Thanks for a great tool.

Could you check if not just overwriting the tags but actually deleting them and then restoring them helps?
To me it looks as though the files have bad tags from the start and once you delete them (in Linux) you remove the corrupt part.
Because if mp3tag would corrupt the files then adding a picture would corrupt the files again, I would guess.
Just my thoughts.

Hello storris,

are there any updates to this and the questions raised by ohrenkino?

Kind regards

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