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In the latest build (2.36d), I ran into a problem trying to jump to a line that is empty. I was working on updating the musicbrainz script (attached), and in the debug output, it looks as though the parser stops (with an error) when you try to do a gotoline or moveline to an empty (blank) line in the html. This error should be reproduceable with the attached script, but you can also try inserting a "gotoline 1" somewhere and it should produce the error since the first line of a musicbrainz page's html is blank. Let me know if you need any more info or if you can't reproduce the bug. Thanks!


(Editted to add my debug output)

musicbrainz.src (2.92 KB)

debug_MusicBrainz.html (142 KB)

moveline/find(in)line can have 1 as second parameter to prevent this, e.g. moveline 2 1
gotoline doesn't seem to have this.

Thanks, I got the musicbrainz parser to work correctly again.

musicbrainz.src (2.82 KB)

Thanks. I've added your script to the archive, but I also changed the index code to return score, year and type info.

Awesome! That helps a lot.

Another thing I've noticed is that the second web framework window (that lists the tracks from an album) sometimes times out, and it'd be nice to maybe have a retry button there too, just like the first dialog has when it times out.

After more testing of the new musicbrainz script, I found that it grabs extra info in the track field (besides just the track name) for certain albums, so I've fixed that in this latest update. Can someone please update the Web Sources Archive? Thanks!

musicbrainz.src (3.22 KB)

Thanks & uploaded.
Please also download the script since yours didn't have [Encoding]=utf-8

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