[X] Weid Move action bug?

I have a source dir with 2 albums from the Beasty Boys in it together:
III Communication and Paul's Boutique.

All the standard fields are tagged: (track,title,album,artist,band,genre,year,embeddedalbumart) All other tags are not there. All tracks are named %track% -%title%.mp3

I moved em sorted by using this action: "Format Value": "_DIRECTORY": Z\MP3\%BAND%\%ALBUM%\

But the weird thing is that it doesn't matter if i select all tracks from one album or all from the other or all tracks at once, it ALLWAYS moves ALL of 'em (even the non-selected) to one and the same dir. being either:
'Z\MP3\Beasty Boys\Paul's Boutique'
'Z\MP3\Beasty Boys\III Communication'
Depending on which comes first or is selected.

So it refuses to separate the files into 2 album directories. Weird huh...

P.S. Using XP SP3 NL and a QNAP TS109 PRO Nas over gigabit.

The files within this parent folder are not physically moved, but only the folder (directory) is renamed, therefore all files within this folder are grouped together and will not leave their common place.

Try to compose a new folder/file path using %_filename% instead of %_directory%.


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