[X] What is the default font for UI


OK, may be it's my fault on an nLited WinXP (sp2c): fonts are bold (and so ugly, I think it's Terminal or something like that) nearly everywhere in Mp3Tag v2.41, and don't show well the unicode characters are not on system basic codepage (1250 at me; display | insted of -- doesn't meter wich language I select)... Just nearly everywhere (so why I post): the only exceptions are the menu and the pages of Options panel General, Tag Panel and its Default values...
It were nice, if we could select the font and fontsize for elements of UI (after the best working greatest column-idea ever)...


It's not a bug.

Mp3tag uses the virtual fonts MS Shell Dlg and MS Shell Dlg 2 and it seems that font substitution is somehow screwed on your system.


Yes, right, I thought the same -- and changed the substitution, now fine again. But why was the Option panel General page different?... eh, doesn't meter...


It uses MS Shell Dlg instead of MS Shell Dlg 2.

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