[X] Windows 10: cannot delete files


Have Win. 10, now I cannot delete files: a deleted file apears again when reload the same folder. And also I cannot append a cover-image as a tag.
Has someone a solution?

Many thanks & regards, Rudy

Check the ownership of the music folder:
It should be the same as the user-id that uses MP3tag.
It is not enough to be Administrator.

Hello Ohrenkino;

Thank you for your suggestion, but it won't work: when i choose richt mouse button -> delete: file is removed from mp3tag-screen but not acually deleted.
When i choos richt mouse button -> delete... (with 3 dashes) then the file is actually deleted, from screen & folder. However, there is no submenu.
So it seems to me that the action 'Delete' has not the same action as the keyboard-button 'Del'.
Is this the right purpose of this configuration?

Reg., Rudy

Yes, everything is fine.
To delete files permanently with the help of MP3tag, you have to press Ctrl-Del.

The simple "del" that removes a file only from list but not from the file system can help to create a playlist ... (example).

That you do not get a dialogue box in spite of the 3 dots is owed to a new behaviour by W8 and W10 that apparently do not report back, but simply delete. With W XP and W7, you still got a dialogue box.

Ohrenkino, thank you again for your support!

Regards, Rudy

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