[X] WMA: Should "COMMENT" map to "Description" or "WM/Comments"?

As I have no WMA specification at hand, I'm a little unsure if "COMMENT" should really map to "Description" (what kind of field is that?) or to "WM/Comments" because I've seen both.

(Picard uses "WM/Comments", for instance.)

Florian, any hard facts on this?

See MSDN: Attributes for Music Files where Description is listed and WM/Comments is not.

Funny, that you've posted this as bug report.

Thanks for the link.

Well, since I had no specs, I thought this might be the best place (in case it was a bug). And I knew you would know the answer offhand :slight_smile:

Then again, I just found it it in the official »attributes that correspond to ID3 tags« list. I guess that’s also the list MusicBrainz use, have to ask Lukas.

But I agree now that »Description« seems to be the »more general one« and thus should be used in Mp3tag.

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