[X] WMP 11 PT. Brasil

MP3Tag Beta 2.37c the photos is numbered, in the sequencia of the problems told here.
1) - I always used the Cdex to ripper the Cd's. Now I am using the version 1.70 beta 2. The Encoder is the version Lame MP3 Encoder, version 1.32, engine 3,98 Alpha 7 MMX with the configuration of the sent photo (follows photo 3.: Cdex v1.7 beta 2 Error MP3Tag 003.jpg)

2) - Using the Windows Media Player version 11.0.5721.5145 (follows photo 2.: Error Mp3Tag 002.jpg) the numeration is all making a mistake, changed.

3) - Another example: In photo 4 (Error Mp3Tag 004.jpg) it was saved thus in the MP3Tag see and later opening the WMP 11com the version that I told was shown thus, sees photo 5 Exactly (Error Mp3Tag 005.jpg) applying the Assistant for Auto Numeration (photo 1.: Error Mp3Tag 001.jpg) has duplicity, numbers two times. How to know if is error of WMP 11 or the MP3Tag?

Greetings of Brazil

As fotos :book:

Photo 1.:

Photo 2.:

Photo 3.:

Photo 4.:

Photo 5.:

What error WMP 11 or MP3Tag, please :flushed:

Make sure both ID3v1 and ID3v2 are checked. Set your settings like this:

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