[X] WPUB not displayed

Hi Florian,

I'm still very happy with mp3tag, but I did found a small problem.
I was under the impression that PCDJ DEX was the cause but after investigation with Gwen Roelants, the developer of DEX / djdecks we did find that mp3tag is the cause.

My problem is:
I have a song, a time ago I did fill the WPUB tag with "Kerstmis".
Maybe in a sort of batch within mp3tag.

Recently I saw this song come up within DEX because of a smartlist created WPUB contains "Kerstmis".
But as I didn't like that song I would like to delete the WPUB entry.
Opened in mp3tag, the song didn't display anything within the WPUB field, so I was confused.
After a lot of tests, I found out that if I edit whatever tag entry in the song the WPUB field was removed, so didn't show up again with the smartlist in DEX.
That gave me the impression that DEX did find somewhere else in the song the text "Kerstmis".
But that's not true.

So I can watch the song within mp3tag, without seeing the WPUB entry, if I don't touch it it isn't changed. (Checked with wordpad) But if I do change something and the tag is saved, the WPUB is gone afterward.

What triggers me is that when I open the song in wordpad I see empty spaces after WPUB and before Kerstmis, could that be the problem and how can they be added?

This is the only tag entry I have problems with.

I did try it with v2.44 but I also installed the latest one today 2.45a and it has the same behaviour.

You can see also the discussion on PCDJ DEX troubleshooting forum:
It's at the end of this thread.

Can I send you this song to investigate?

Dj Antoon

What's the audio format and tag types?

It's a MP3 192kb.

I searched how I could find the version of the tag, so I introduced a new column: TAG in my display.

This reads:
ID3V1 (ID3V1 !BAD ID3V2)

Especially the !BAD took my attention, could it be because of the spaces I saw in wordpad?
Keeps me wondering why it is !BAD in the first place.

I did found the original song back again and it doesn't display !BAD.
So the only possibility is that DEX or MP3TAG made this corrupted song.

!BAD ID3V2 tells you that this file has an invalid ID3v2 tag.

Ok I understand but how could it happen, it was only edited in mp3tag and played (not edited by me) in pcdj DEX.

I checked all my songs, and only a few more had this !BAD tag. I will keep an eye on it and if I can find more in future, I will report them. For now the matter is closed.
Dano thank you for your question, it did direct me to the real problem.

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