[X] Wrong auto-numbering when 300 and greater

When I try to auto-number several folders, with several songs each. I start renaming each song starting the filename by a number, and following by autor and name of the song. For the first folder the filenames would be:

/folder 1
'101 - autor - filename 1'
'102 - autor - filename 2'

/folder 2
'201 - autor - filename f1'
'202 - autor - filename f2'
and so on with following folders and files

after that, if I auto-number the files, for folder 1, starting with track number 101, folder 2 with track number 201, and so one, it seems that the auto-numbering does not work properly for track numbers starting with 301 and greater.

What do you mean by that? Are you using ID3v1 tags?

I didn't care about ID3v1/ID3v2. The problem is that I was
unable to assign a track number equal or greater than 301.

With your suggestion I have been checking for the type of tag and now is clear for me:

As you suggest ,the problems appears when I use ID3v1 (or the file comes with a default ID3v1). I have checked with ID3v2 tags in files and the autonumbering works perfectly.

Thank you. I know what to do from now.

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