[X] Wrong bitrate displayed

Hi, I've got an album in which 2 songs are read by Mp3Tag has being encoded in MPEG 1 Layer I, one has a bitrate of 160 kBit/s (32000 Hz) and the other 96 kBit/s (48000 Hz). What is strange is that the whole album is MPEG I Layer III with a 256 kBit/s bitrate (44100 Hz).
According to winamp (and windows) all of the tracks are mp3 256 kBit/s (including the two I mentioned that show diferent bitrates in Mp3Tag).

Can you please send me one of the files for analysing the issue?

Sure, just finished sending you the 2 songs. If you need anything else just say so (by the way I tried viewing the files with the development version and got the same result)

May be a problem of the underlying MP3 decoding library - I've seen this behaviour more often than not if the "Emphasis" bits are non-zero. Also check my other thread.

The file you've sent is a file encoded with an average bitrate (ABR).

Mp3tag only looks at the first MPEG frame, because analysing the whole file would slow down reading files drastically.

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ok I understand.


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