[X] Wrong value for lenght

After installing 2.57 The length for a set of files is wrong and different from the real duration and the duration show by Windows Media Player and by Windows explorer. I'm not sure if this problem was present also in the previous versions.

An example is available from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2571325/b.mp3
Its duration is 5:13 but in Mp3Tag it is show as 13:34 This file seems correct using various MP3 validation programs.

Machine is Win7 64bits.

Thanks for looking!

This is not a bug in Mp3tag.

It usually means that there is a problem with the file header. I can't explain the technicalities.
However, MP3val can usually correct the file.
If MP3val does not identify the problem, or cannot correct it, then VBRfix (Moonbase version) often can.

For your example, MP3val does not identify a problem, but after VBRfix rewrites the header, the length is shown correctly as 5:04.


Right on target! VBRfix solved the problem.

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