[X] Year reverting to current on multiple selection


in 2.65a a very disturbing issue came up that I never noticed before. As soon as I select more than one MP3 file the year will change to 2014. Ok, I set it to the correct value (let's say 2012), hit enter (to apply all my other edits), then the combo box immediately jumps back to 2014!

This has caused me to write wrong year dates into lots of folders unnoticed during my last edits a month ago, so I just corrected all this.

Can you please change this so that after Save, with all current files still selected, the box stays on the correct (last) date selection?

Or is there a new default setting that I have to change to make it work the way that I think is correct?

Thanks for this useful tool!

I cannot confirm any of the behaviour that you have described.
But: perhaps your mp3tag.cfg file got corrupted somehow.
So you could to the following as a test whether this is the case:
Close Mp3tag.
search the installation directory for mp3tag.cfg.
Rename the file (so that you keep a copy if the fault does not originate in that file).
Start MP3tag.
Edit some files and check whether the behaviour is now up to standard again.
If not, then close MP3tag and delete the current mp3tag.cfg file and rename the old one back to normal.

Have a look what kind of tags (maybe Ape) are in these files.

Thanks for mentioning the cfg. Without it the error was gone. And after that I quickly found my (!) error. I must have changed the default date value from 'keep' to 2014 before (Options, Tag Panel, Default values) to simplify editing of current files. And forgot about that setting. Case closed. :rolleyes:

Great! Glad the issue is resolved - Thanks for talking back.

Kind regards

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