x64 version?

Does anyone know if there is an x64 bit on the horizon? My database is getting so huge it's bumping into the upper memory limits because I use very long file names during scripting for organization and operation. It would be nice to be able to load the whole thing up at once instead of having to break it into sections and try to figure remember what you did over the last few days.

It would also be nice for a "snapshot" feature....what I mean is, it takes my core 2 duo about 45 minutes to load up 55K songs, it would be nice if you have it 'remember' what was loaded from the last session without it having to reparse all the files again for another 45 minutes to continue with your session. My suggestion would be to have a "save as" type of function like the export files so that you can save session data. If the session doesn't match the file upon recheck, then the cells could change color or pop a dialog box.....this would be a VERY helpful feature.

If anyone has any answers or knowledge, I'd love to hear it.




Unfortunately, we are all waiting for a response from Florian... :unsure:

etc etc.

I find it very rare that I have a need to load my entire library in Mp3tag. Audio file tagging is just not something that you change very often once it's been set. I probably do it on average about once a year. It's only when I'm doing something like making sure all files contain a certain field or when I decide to rename or completely remove a particular field from all files. Probably 99% of the time I work on just a single album, and the other 1% of the time I'll load all of a single artist's albums. Even with an artist with several dozen albums, this takes only a few seconds.

Well some of us are more active than others I guess.....just because you may not need this function doesn't mean others won't find it useful, like myself. Sometimes it's helpful to be able to scrub the entire library and right now, it crashes just trying to load the whole thing.

So, no offense, but your response doesn't answer any of the questions that I'm looking answers for.