XML based album list export


I finally finished ripping my CDs and to celebrate I made an export to list them. The export is based on Squonk's xml_squonk export. It's a simple table based album and track listing with cover art.

The export relies on a custom Album Artist tag to group the tracks together for mix albums (albums with multiple artists). My tagging system uses a custom tag for Album Artist. That tag is equal to the string "!Various Artists" for mix albums and is empty for regular albums. The export script uses that to group the tracks on mix albums together under the same album. You will need to change the tag used to match your own tagging system. The loop is on line 14 of the MTE file and is:

The export also includes a custom action item to copy and name the cover art files. The MTA file contains the action item. Copy the MTA file to your "%appdata%\Mp3tag\data\actions" folder. The action item extracts the cover art from the tags and names it in the proper format. The name of the cover art extracted by the Action item needs to match the name used in line 32 of the MTE export script. Both the action item and the MTE export script need to generate the same file name for each album.

If you keep your cover art as folder.jpg files or some other format you will need to create a custom action item or script to copy and name the cover art appropriately. See line 32 of the MTE file and the code in the MTA file for guidance.

Here is the ZIP file with the export files and sample data:
xml_mp3list_export: xml_mp3list_export.zip (53.2 KB)

There is also a live version at javamojo.gigacities.net with my album collection. It's a free web host and there is 50MB of cover art there so response can sometimes be slow.

Hopefully this will be of use to someone else as a starting point for their own export project. One of the more troublesome aspects was getting links to the album art to work correctly if the artist or album contained unicode characters. Firefox and Opera handled it the way I expected. IE7 required a secret incantation that I don't understand.

This project exceeded my skills at the design side of web page development. I have no art skill. If I get motivated I'll try to come up with something to dress up the web page. With a name like JavaMojo it should probably have a bit of a coffee theme going on.

xml_mp3list_export.zip (53.2 KB)