%year% and %date% confusion


I'm having some problems using the %date% field with Mp3tag v2.41. I use MusicBrainz to tag all my mp3's, and it writes the album date to the "TDRC" tag (ID3v2.4). In Mp3tag, I have a column showing the %year% field, and another column showing the %date% field. Mp3tag seems to get confused about the 2 fields. It wants to put the %date% information in the %year% column. When I try to copy the information from %year% back to %date%, the %date% column just stays blank, and when I click save, it is back in the %year% column. What's going on?


TDRC is internally mapped to YEAR, that is why the information is displayed in your %year% column. Also, since there is no DATE field in ID3v2.4, if you add anything to %date% it will be added to a TDRC frame. I think (not sure though) Mp3tag differentiates between DATE and YEAR when writing ID3v2.3 tags since they contain a TYER (%year%) and a TDAT (%date%) field.

Please also see: http://help.mp3tag.de/en/main_tags.html

Florian or whoever is sure: please correct me if I am wrong.


I use v2.41a.

When I put a DATE and a YEAR field in a FLAC file, MP3Tag show me two YEAR fields in Extended Tags... dialog (for example, dbPoweramp shows me a field DATE. and another field YEAR).
And the same problem appears with the fields TRACK and TRACKNUMBER (two TRACK fields in Extended Tags...).

Winamp and foobar2000 use field DATE instead of YEAR, and TRACKNUMBER instead of TRACK, but I cannot distinguish them in MP3Tag.

Using an MP3 file, there are fields DATE, YEAR, TRACK and TRACKNUMBER in the Extended Tags dialog.
Winamp and foobar2000 use fields TRACK and YEAR. That's OK.


If you use YEAR or TRACK with FLAC, Mp3tag automatically translates them to the recommended field names DATE and TRACKNUMBER.