Year and Title issues

Ok this may seem like a really basic question so I apologize in advance but I have been at this for 3 hours and cannot figure it out and could not find any examples for exactly what Im looking for.

Lets say I have several files that all have different years formatted differently (11-20-2011 or 2011-11-20:00:00:00) what method would i use to extract JUST that 4 digit year out of the year tag and replace the old year tag?

Also similar situation with tags like title. I have several that look something like "Song Title (remix) (other useless crap)". Originally i tried doing a split field but later realized it was adding like an array in to the title tag. Please help im bout to go crazy trying to figure this out. Thanks

One possible way to go is using one of the converters together with the function $regexp ...

Convert | Tag - Tag | ALT+5
Select format string


Format string:


"1 Feb 2009" -> "2009"
"1.2.2009" -> "2009"
"2012-03-09" -> "2012"
"2011-11-20:00:00:00" -> "2011"
"123-4567-89" -> "4567"

Please explain in other words what you want to achieve.
What's about the action "Guess values"?


Thank you for the fast reply...the example you posted above for fixing the year worked perfectly. I had figured out the Title thing shortly after making this post. Using Replace with Regular Expression:

Expression: (.+
Replace: NULL

I am still fairly new with mp3tag and even newer with regexp so it was mainly what was throwing me off. Thanks again though :slight_smile: