Year and track number not showing up for flac files

After reinstalling. The tags are there in extended tags.

Did this really lead to a clean new installation?
Anyway. Check File>Options>Tags>Mapping whether you have the mappings for

Tag Source Target
VorbisComment DATE YEAR

Edit: Changed "Vorbis Comment" → "VorbisComment"

thanks. I just saw this in another thread. sorry for the repost. Mods pls delete

so my rules disappeared and now every time i try to fill in Vorbis Comment it reverts back to ID3v2

yes, that puzzled me too.
But then I found out:
you have to write it in 1 word: VorbisComment

Thanks! Also when I do tags sources now I can't edit the tracks any more. any idea?

I've corrected the accepted solution to use "VorbisComment" and answered your off-topic question in the respective topic you've also created for that.

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