Year Category Needs Correcting

Hiya all

I have loads of files with the year field filled in like this


Is there a way please to strip out everything from \ just to leave 2021

thanks in advance


See this topic:

Yes, try an action of the type "Remove duplicate fields"

thanks for that but I don't understand what I have to do, could you explain please

Load the files
Select the files.
Create an action of the type "Remove duplicate fields" and enter YEAR and field.
Then click ok to close all dialogues and execute the action.

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A possible reason why this happened maybe the use of Mediamonkey for tagging.
If you use Mediamonkey and want to use it also in the future: there is a setting in Mediamonkey that can avoid this.
Add this to the file mediamonkey.ini:


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thank you all so much working a treat now

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