Year field batch deletion

I am sure the answer is here, staring me in the face, but I am desperate not to screw up something I have worked on for such a long time, and might not be able to put right.!

I have over 750 Albums(CDs) in my collection. I use mp3tag to get all the tags correct, and then Poweramp to play the subsequent mp3 files.

In the early stages of assembling my collection, I didn't give much attention as to whether a particular Album/CD had an input in the 'Year' field. The majority don't, but some do still remain.

All I want to achieve is to delete any input in the 'Year' field (i.e.making it 'blank') and then do this as a batch operation for each and every Album/CD in the collection in one single (hopefully simple) operation.

Any advice would be most gratefully received. Thanks!

Load all files of your collection
Filter for the files with
%year% PRESENT
Select all files
Select the year field in the tag panel and from the dropdown list of that field select <delete>.
Save the changes with Ctrl-S

Actually, I would do it the other way round: keep all the data in YEAR and try to find the missing data.
It is much more difficult to find missing data than to remove existing data and existing data should not be thrown away as it costs valuable of your lifetime to restore it.

So, technically, it is possible to remove the data from fields in one go - but IMHO it hardly ever makes sense.


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