Year Field can be other scripts

Year field is limited to 0, 1, 2, ... (international numbers)
It should be allowed to enter other scripts number also.

In MP3tag you can enter more less anything you want in the field YEAR, even "Two thousand and twenty".
What do you mean?
The standard, BTW expects a 4-digit-number.

Yes 4-digit-number.
But I want to enter in different script.
1990 in Kannada script is ೧೯೯೦
mp3tag changes it to ???? after saving the tags

This is where the standards rules:
The 'Year' frame is a numeric string with a year of the recording. This frames is always four characters long (until the year 10000). "
So, no other characters are really according to the standard. And some fields are are never UTF encoded. the originally numeric ones belong to these.

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It is what it is then. Until the standard is updated.
Perhaps the music player's can change the display language during localization. Excel is already doing it.

Where does Excel read ID3 tags?

I mean the formulas. You can use different languages to display the numbers using format. But the equations are still using Hindu-Arabic numericals.
Same could happen in iTunes, when they support, Kannada as the display language. It will display Kannada numbers for year, track numbers, play counts, etc, but numbers stored in the system in Hindu-arabic numericals.

MP3tag shows the strings as they are stored in the fields.
And AFAIK these are arabic numbers. No character encoding is possible for this field, says the standard.
Discussing the pros and cons of the standard is pointless in this forum IMHO.

Mp3tag should arguably support the input of local digits and convert them to standard digits for storage. Media players should support the output of local digits for display purposes and convert from standard digits stored in the file.