Year field not showing in mp4 videos in VirtualDJ2018

Weird. I tag my .mp4 video files using mp3tag. I'm pretty meticulous with my naming conventions, including the year. I don't usually have the year column open in my Virtual DJ browser, but I'm preparing for a class reunion, so I opened it. NONE of my .mp4 videos show information in the year field from within Virtual DJ. The information IS there. Even Windows explorer will show it. But it's showing as blank within VDJ in both the browser and even the file info. tab. Is there a compatibility issue between VDJ and mp3tag that I'm not aware of?

I'm hoping for a batch fix, because trying to do this one by one would be a HUGE project.

Does VDJ write tags or does it only edit it's database?

If it does write tags, take a file and add the year to it in VDJ.
Then read the file in MP3Tag and display the tagfields with ALT-t in the extended Tag-view.