Year in Album field

All my album tags have a year - album in the album field. (example: 1983 - Stay Hungry)

Anyway i can batch delete the year so only the album name is present?

Thanks for any help!

I thought the default separator was " - ". You must not be making use of the Tag ► filename or Filename ► tag features?

Change your filenames using that album field with the dash in it (Tag ► filename). Then use Filename ► tag to create new tags.

You will have to edit the default fields, obviously. You should save them to a text file (copy and paste into a Notepad .TXT file), in case you ever want to reset them.

So you create an ugly file name like this with Tag ► filename:

%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%

Twisted Sister - 1984 - Stay Hungry - 02 - We're Not Gonna Take it.mp3

And create nice new tags with everything in the right field using Filename ► tag. This step removes the year from your album field.

%artist% - %year% - %album% - %track% - %title%

Then use Tag ► filename to fix those ugly file names, because no one wants all that mess.

%artist% - %title%

Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It.mp3

So either get creative with those two features, or get to editing all your music one song at a time. Pay attention to how you must change those fields occasionally, going from tag to filename, to tag, and back to filename.

I would copy/paste the original settings into a .TXT file for reference.

Define an action:
Action type: Guess values
Source: %album%
Guessing pattern: %dummy% - %album%

or alternatively

Action Type: Format Value
Field: ALBUM
Format String:$cutleft(%album%,7)

You can use the latter format string with the Convert-Menue too. In the convert menue have an immediate preview of the result so you can see if your format string is right.

Convert Tag - Tag
Field: ALBUM
Format String: $cutleft(%album%,7)