Year in foobar?

I see in Foobar a diferent year with month and day :frowning:
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I try to set a new column with %releasetime% but is empty.

what is the field? I can set it in the panel in the left?

see the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T).
I suspect that there is a (user-defined) field DATE.

it's strange: its like YEAR_IN_FOOBAR = DATE+YEAR. I delete DATE and I see only 2019

can I set the fileld in the left panel?

Have you checked the extended tags dialogue? I don't see it in the screendumps.
The field DATE contains the month and the year as a 6-digit number.
In the extended tags dialogue, you would also see if there are 2 fields: DATE and YEAR.
All other questions about foobar and how it displays tag data would be a topic for the foobar support.
To add a field in the tag panel, use
Tools>Options>Tag Panel and click the "New" button (or right-click into a grey area of the tag panel and select Adapt ...)

I put the tag Date in the panel :wink:

thank you. :smiley:

Please note that the field DATE is a userdefined one. So every player that cannot deal with userdefined fields (which are most players) will not show the time data.
The 2 fields that are standard fields for this are YEAR and RELEASETIME.

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