Year not saving on a few random MP4's

So I have been tagging all of my movie files with poster artwork, as well as the year they came out with the intention that not only will I be able to browse all the cool posters when looking for a movie, but also to be able to with 1 click reorder them all by year.

Its been mostly working wonderfully but for some reason there has been a few files that simply will not save the year. It saves everything else but the year remains blank. I also checked and none of these are marked as "read only". What may be possible, though I honestly can't remember after tagging so many, is that they may have originally been marked as read only and I had Mp3Tag change it for me, because there were a few like that.

I do know that once I started going and removing the "read only" manually once alerted by Mp3Tag, instead of having the program do it, I have not had this issue any further. But that could be a coincidence.

Right now I have around 7 or 8 movies that I simply cannot tag with "year". I enter the year, I hit save, it acts like it did, but it does not. It's totally empty.

Any way to fix these files? Help would be greatly appreciated


i cannot look over your shoulder, so I cannot tell what may be the difference to other files that work fine.
Problems with MP4 files that refuse to be tagged often come from files with Nero tags.
So check if you have these tags in the files. If you have, then I think the only way to get them taggable is to reencode them without Nero tags.

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Im not really sure how to check for Nero files or if this is something I can do in mp3tag, but I managed to fix it by simply editing the file outside of mp3tag and adding in the missing data that way

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In post #5 you told us that you have managed the problem simply by editing the file outside of Mp3tag.
Now it would be of value for the Mp3tag community, to tell us in detail, what you have done outside by which utility with the effect, that Mp3tag now accepts the wanted change in the MP4 file, to enter a value for the inner tagfield YEAR.

After the outside change, does Mp3tag now be able to do the change within the MP4 file, as you wanted to do this in the beginning?