YEAR Tag - other program is adding -01-01

I have found that your program is adding characters to the YEAR tag.
I want the YEAR to be 2020. Your program adds -01-01 to the YEAR tag.
This happens for every YEAR tag that your program changes.
I am using version 3.01 created March 27,2020.
The formula I am using is $left(%_filename%,4)
This is happening with multiple files.
I hope you can fix this soon, and/or provide a fix that I can apply.
Thank You.
Jerry Goedert

I cannot reproduce this.
You would have to show us ...
The filename
The column definition for the YEAR column
The extended tags dialogue for one of those file before and after you manipulated it.
And the information where you see this modification: in MP3tag or in the player

The file name: 2010-03-07 Nicodemus.mp3
What do you mean by "column definition of the YEAR column"?
And how do I check this "extended tags dialogue"?
I see the modification in Audacity - the latest version.

I see something. The Date in MP3Tag is showing 0101.
So Audacity must be taking that field and adding to the Year tag.

I am not able to add the DATE field to the visible columns.
But, I will write a formula to change it and see what the outcome will be.

Ok, I got the date field visible in the grid.
But, It is not showing the 0101 for some reason.
If I right click on the file and select extended tag then it shows
the date field with the value of 0101.
But, it does not show in the 0101 in the grid for some reason.

This is what the YEAR tag looks like.
I have not changed this. This is the default.

Extended Tag showing DAte
Here is what the extended tag looks like for the file.
I have other files that show the same thing.
But, it does not show the 0101 I in the grid.

I cannot get the DATE field to show up for a field to modify.
I can display it in the grid, but I cannot select it for modification with Tag to Tag.

This is what is showing in the Mapping area.
Again, I have not modified these settings. These are the default.
Notice the DATE source is mapping to the YEAR.

DATE is no standard field but a user-defined one.
The standard fields that show time data are YEAR, ORIGYEAR and RELEASETIME.
Use %date% to see the contents in the file list.
To use it in the Convert>Tag-Tag function, type it in as fieldname: DATE.
(I see a field "LENGTH" in the extended fields dialogue: this is also a user-defined field which you can safely delete. The real length of a track is shown in the informational field _LENGTH and cannot be modified by MP3tag)

I used the composer field, which is blank, for the TAG to TAG convert.
I used %date%. Composer now shows 0101
I have not added the LENGTH field you mentioned.
I do not know how it would have gotten there, unless it was installed by default.
I do not remember adding that field. I do not know why I would do that.
I have no reason to change the _LENGTH.
I have not added any fields until today, when I added the DATE field.

i know.
It was just a friendly hint that apparently you use a software that takes a fancy to add non-standard fields like DATE and LENGTH.
A field does not get installed. There are no empty fields in a tag. If a field is "empty" it is simply not there.
Yet, you can customize the GUI to see where information is available and where it may be missing.
So far have we come with the alleged adding of "-01-01" - does this still happen?

Yes, the date field shows 0101 on unchanged files.
However, I have created a formula to change it.
I am using the TRACK field, which is blank, and swapping it to the DATE field.
Now, the DATE field is showing as blank.
When I look in Audacity, the YEAR is now as it should be - only a 4 digit year.
DATE is in the Information fields.
It showed up when I right clicked and selected Extended tags.
Now, the DATE does not show in extended tags.
Thank you for your help and suggestions.
I will keep an eye on the DATE field when I have new MP3 files to convert.

Now, if you only had a way of changing multiple Power Point Presentation files.