Yet another plea for "regular" MusicBrainz support


Hello there,

I'm no real dev, but it seems MusicBrainz provides libraries for "easy" integration into third parties apps.

For example I stumbled on

Another maybe useful pointer (may be outdated):

Sorry I can't provide more help Florian. :frowning:

I know it's a big piece of work, but that would be way cooler & cleaner than the MB web service file (.src), that moreover doesn't write the musicbrainz-specific tags like MUSICBRAINZ ARTIST ID, etc., which make for easy later updating of the tags.



Seconded. I'd love to see regular MusicBrainz support with mp3tag.


I would never have cared a whit about MusicBrainz as long as FreeDb was around, but since it's about to shut down, why not consider MusicBrainz as a replacement?




Hey, MusicBrainz is magic! That whole fingerprinting idea is great... please, do add it to MP3tag - things could be far more automatized with that kind of fuzzy matching!

(and for the guys worried about freedb, it seems there's a around)


Re-bump. And maybe this news can be of some use:


And I'll add that personnally I don't care about the fingerprinting thingie (though I pretty much understand other people do). What I'm interested in is efficient integration and special Musicbrainz tags writing (MBID etc...).

Now, I'm not sure Florian even saw this post. :confused:


bump - Florian, any plan on this ?


I would like to have MB-Support too!
The fingerprinting seems to be the only method to identify songs with a high accuracy.

And even better:
If mp3tag would support reporting such fingerprints back to MB it would be just great! :w00t: (Unfortunately, "Picard" from MB is not a masterpiece of software and sooooo slow...)

Florian should maybe read the existing developer-whitepaper on


I had a look at the different APIs and libs and everything seems a little bit confusing.

Is there any document like "Howto add support for MusicBrainz via MusicIP to your app"? Seems like they have a lot of different wikis and guides but none of them states "I'm the latest one!".



Maybe this one: ?

Or just ask in the forums - "whicken" will help you! :wink:


I for one was not asking for PUID support. This feature can be nice for users, although I barely use it.

What I meant in my post was,

...basically, this would mean integrating most of the functions of clunky Picard into MP3Tag, making the latter even better.

Indeed. If the links I provided are not enough, lukz is the man who can give you pointers I think.


Just discovered this cool new script that does the job. So we can say, part 1 is done. :slight_smile:


I would imagine that both the MB and MusicIP people would be very helpfull. MusicBrainz has no good apps using it, and since MP3tag is free Im sure that they would be helpful.


I fully second the motion! MusicBrainz support would be great !!


My personal experience is that they are definitely very helpful. There is also an institutionalized framework for third-party-apps that seek support from MB, the TaggerAffiliateProgram:

There are tons of apps using MB (if they are good is of course open to debate):