Yet ANOTHER question, concerning track numbers


As you can probably guess by my recent posts, I'm updating quite a large set of mp3 files. If the mp3 is not part of a full album, I like to give it the track number 00 (this is also a good way of selecting just the orphan tracks from my player, WinAmp)

Most times this works by just selecting the track no field within the main mp3tag screen and overtyping. However, sometimes the field refuses to change. On these occasions, manually overtyping the filename with '00' and then using the filename->tag option will force the update, but sometimes this doesn't work either. Either the field reverts to blank, or to the existing tracknumber specified in the filename. And sometimes, when using the autonumber function, some tracks refuse to accept the update as well (sorry for the bad grammar :wink: ), or they will remain as single digit numbers even when using the 'add padding 0' option in Autonumber.

I'm guessing that this is a peculiarity with the tags of certain files, but is there any way to fix this?

If you have the answer, please explain what's causing it as well, as I'd like to know the technicalities of the problem as well as a solution.

Thanks, as ever, for all the help you're giving to this newbie :slight_smile:


It is possible that the files have APEv2 tags, you are writing ID3v2 tags and have Mp3tag set to read APEv2 tags. In that case, the ID3v2 tag gets updated, but Mp3tag will display the APEv2 tag which was not updated, but which has a higher priority.


Indeed, that was the problem. I've deselected the relevent tickboxes and everything's fine now.