Yet another Tag Question

Bearing in mind that / is "illegal" (ohrenkino), how can I create a filename:
101 (Johnny Mercer / Jo Stafford) Blues in the Night from:

Artist: Johnny Mercer / Jo Stafford
Title: Blues in the Night

Using the methodology shown previously, the filename produced is:
101 (Johnny MercerJo Stafford) Blues in the Night


Too much of an honour: I do not impose these restrictions but the file system does.

The basic task that you want will never be achieved. You cannot get the / (shift-7) to be part of a filename.
You may use the function $validate() and enter a standard replacement character for the illegal ones like _ so that you get
101 (Johnny Mercer _ Jo Stafford) Blues in the Night
Or you shop around in the Windows Program for Characters and use a character the looks like / but isn't e.g. U+0337 ̷̷ is one or ̷̷⁄ U+2044

Thanks o.
Knowing it cannot be done is just as valuable as knowing it can!!