Yet Another Unexpected Error

Mp3tagError.log (2.0 KB)
It used to work until this happened. I tried to rectify this by updating MP3tag, but I still notice the error. I attempted to uninstall and reinstall the app, but it couldn't let me. Before this happened, I was updating an anti-spyware program called SuperAntiSpyware. So I did almost everything to solve this problem but which one can anybody figure out that can get the app to work again?

BTW I don't speak German.

Seems like Mp3tag is unable to create its temporary folder at
C:\Users\James\AppData\Local\Temp\Mp3tag v2.91\

I checked my local AppData folder and all I see is that Temp is a file and not a folder. I couldn't access it. By the way, when I attempt to open it, I got a notice saying which app should I open this.

Can you delete it?
(Otherwise: proably you have not associated any program with an empty file extension, so the OS asks you which one to use).
I would also, just as a precaution, run a file system check with
chkdsk c: /v /f

I also don't know how this can happen, but it's clearly not how it should be. Usually, temp is a directory and not a file.

If it were my machine, I'd first try running cleanmgr.exe and if this doesn't fix it, I'd simply delete that file and check if it's recreated as a folder on restart.

Thanks, Florian. Problem solved!

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