ZLOB-VU found in mp3taguninstall??


Ran my sophos virus checker on the system today and it popped up that it had found ZLOB-VU in mp3taguninstall.exe (v 2.37a downloaded and installed yesterday).
Tell me it is a false positive - please!

PS great program!


Kaspersky doesn't find anything wrong in the mp3tag-Directory (v 2.37a)


Trojan/ZLOB-VU is not inthe Kapersky virus list. It was added to the sophos virus list 12 November 2006 05:38:25 (GMT)


It is! Since 30.6.2006!!!



I always scan the releases with more than 15 virus scanners and I can't find anything in my installation.

It's probably a false positive.

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OK - will treat it as a false positive