Zune Playlists

is there any chance Mp3tag could be made to read Zune playlists...either officially, or through some sort of plugin? i think Zune playlists are similar, if not the same as the WPL playlists that Windows Media Player makes. i'd like to be able to use Mp3tag to pull up a playlist from the Zune software for stuff like retagging all the items on that list or syncing that playlist to my Droid phone. i am attaching a standard and "auto" playlist for reference.

p.s. in case it matters, the music is all DRM free.

Zune_Playlists.zip (2.4 KB)


just another hopeful bump...

I've just found this link to the "Zune Playlist Converter" (zpl to m3u or pls), maybe worth a try.

... and there is a proposal how to convert zpl to wpl, then to m3u.