Zune tag problems

I'm having some issues with the Zune picking up my songs the "right" way..

In Vista, there is a tag when you select the song that is called "Album Artist" - All my 2Pac songs are being named 2 Pac (with a space) in that field, but they are 2Pac (without a space) in the "Artists" field.

The Zune software is picking up the "Album Artist" field and putting two artists on the device..one with 2Pac and with 2 Pac...irritating as hell..

Is there anyway to get mp3tag v2.41 to somehow update the Album Aritst field with the same value as Artist so I don't have to go back and do them all one by one...cause this will be an issue with many other songs in my collection. If so can someone please give a detailed "how to" or direct me to the proper place..I tried to search to no avail.

And I'm not sure if this is possible, but how do you get the "featuring x" to show on the Zune next to the artist when the song is playing..because if I fix the above problem (tried a few by hand), then I have to remove the "featuring x" from the Album artist field. It will then categorize properly but it removes that "featuring x" from the song name...

...everything worked properly in iTunes...

Look here for example

Appreciate the help man..thanks for the prompt reply.