2.86f - Displaying UNSYNCEDLYRICS language

CHG: don't display language identifier and description for UNSYNCEDLYRICS if both are default ('eng' and empty).

I am used to change all my language descriptions in UNSYNCEDLYRICS to "xxx" instead of a particular language. I do this with a replace-action.

Since version 2.86f this is not possible any more.

I also have a column with the definition $left(%unsyncedlyrics%,3) which show me the defined language of
UNSYNCEDLYRICS. This too does not work anymore.

I also have some actions that depend on the 2 pipes in UNSYNCEDLYRICS, i.e. replacing "||Instrumental" to "||[Instrumental]".

So for at least for me it looks not like a good idea to impliment this new "feature", which only makes sense in a way that some users are not longer irritated by "eng" displayed in their unsyncedlyrics-mask.
I think there should be at least a tag %uslt_language% which allows to display, filter and change the language.

Or is there a possibility to change the language which I don't see?

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You can still use xxx|| and by that set the language identifier to xxx and the description to an empty string.

The change you've quoted above simply means, that it's not displayed anymore if it's set to default (language identifier is eng and description is empty). The idea behind this is to reduce the amount of confusion this feature and the magic behind it gave in the past.

You probably need to adapt your actions to check for the pipe symbol, e.g.,

The idea behind this is to reduce the amount of confusion this feature and the magic behind it gave in the past.

Personally I think it is more confusing that the content of %unsyncedlyrics% seems to change depending on the langugage indentifier. Mp3Tag now behaves different wether the language identifier is default or not.

If I look for $left(%unsyncedlyrics%,5) with the default-identifier it show the first 5 characters of the lyrics-text.
If I use the same for a not default-identifier it shows "xxx||".
So in actions I always have to take into account that there maybe a default and a non-default indentifier.

To me that looks like inconsistent behaviour, because not only the display of the content has changed but the content of the variable %unsyncedlyrics% presents itself different.


I understand your concerns and will most likely change this back to the previous behavior with the next development build.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I've reverted that change with Mp3tag v2.86h Development Build.