3.14 portable mode crash on Win 10 on add art to mp3

I have been updating cover art in mp3 files. My workflow is to

  1. load a folder with mp3 and flac files
  2. Navigate to a file.
  3. In the tag panel, RMB click on the art window
  4. Select "Add cover"
  5. In the file explorer nav window popup, select a jpg file. Typically I will RMB click on the file and open it in the default image editor to modify it then save it.
  6. With edited file LMB select and then click the "Open" button. (there's now 2 covers shown in the tag panel).
  7. In the tag panel navigate to the first cover and RMB click on it and select "remove". (result is the new cover is the only art left)
  8. Save the file

The crash happens during step 4, when the file navigator is open. Mp3tag pops up a dialog to save the memory dump and then closes.

Mp3tag 3.14 running in portable mode
Windows 10 x64 21H2

scott s.

There is no crash here. I even made all the steps of your workflow.

I am not sure in which step your crash happens. You write, that it happens "during step 4". In this case I wonder why you wrote steps 5-8 which would have nothing to do with the crash.
But during the step 6 you could think that the image editor perhaps keeps the image locked for some time after saving the file. My default image editor is irfanview. Do you change the name or the location while saving the file with the image editor?

When I set options for mp3 to read/write apev2 tags, all steps work as stated. When I set options for mp3 to read/write id3v2.3 tags, then I get the crash when I attempt to open a file in xnview (to adjust dimensions prior to adding as a cover art in APIC). If I don't try to open the file from the file browser popup, just select it and add it, that works.

The other strange thing is if I set options to read/write apev2 in mp3, then my steps also work on flac / vorbis comment files, but when I switch to ID3 tags again, flac crashes the same as mp3. Also in 3.14a.

I did change win 10 default jpg app to irfanview, and that seems to work, but when I switch back to xnview mp, that crashes (not 100% but most of the time). Again, if I change my options to apev2 tag reading / writing that never crashes. So kind of a head-scratcher. Could be a problem on this system I suppose.

scott s.

I would check the mp3 files for integrity first.

and then see if MP3tag still crashes.

@scott967 can you send the crash dump so I can check if the crash happens in my code or is related to your system?

Could very well be a faulty shell extension. Do you have anything extra image-related installed?

I'm moving this to #bug-reports:no-bugs after no further progress is made in identifying the issue.

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