401 Unauthorized: Discogs

Getting "Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1)." when using Discogs as tag source.

I've tried revoking authorisation and installing 2.89c but no luck.

see e.g. here:

(are you using XP by any chance?)

:astonished: People still use XP?? I'm using Win 7 x64. My time was just out by an hour so it may be something weird going on my side....

Sorry, just rebooted with a chkdsk and it's working again :thinking:

Hi guys, unfortunately it still doesn't work - "Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1)."
Windows 7 x64
version 2.89c
script version 1.04 (Discogs ID)

On Monday everything was ok, but on Tuesday it stopped working ((

Who could resolve it?


What could have changed in the meantime?
see the many threads on the 401 error:

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