64 bit port

Hello Florian,

I know that porting Mp3Tag to another operating system is not planned, now how about same OS but other architectures? :slight_smile:

What is the official position about a native 64 bit port for windows?


To be honest, there currently is no official position. I currently don't see any real benefits (except for the possibility to address more memory). Are there any I'm missing?

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No, I don't think mp3tag would directly benefit from x86_64, and there are no new fancy features in the 64-bit APIs yet.

I was just wondering whether you plan to switch to 64 bit at some point, since 32-bit versions of some libraries you are using might become underdeveloped and buggy or just go away in a couple of years.


There would be a huge benefit to a 64-bit version for editing a large collection. I continually experience program aborts on my 64-bit Win 8.1 machine which appear to be memory related. My collection is around 70k files and I have to work in small sub-directories but the program still aborts and has to be restarted after 25 or so file saves. Just today I'm adding six new cds to the collection. This new-fangled idea you younger folks have of loading memory with data instead of using databases and temporary files definitely limits things. I'd like to see Florian utilize the free Microsoft SQL Server database

Have a look at the change-log:

Yesterday I downloaded the 2.88 release and installed in on my 64-bit Win 8.1 8gb machine, and now I can load my whole 70k track collection and edit it endlessly with no problems that I've seen yet. Prior to this, I had to load my collection in subsets to keep from aborting. This is a great improvement. Many thanks to Florian for this upgrade.