A concept for naming unusual score "albums"

Recently I reorganized my nomenclature: long story short, it is now more informative, easier to be search through and looks way more better in Mp3tag with alphabetical sort order - but as a trade of it is less correct in terms of English grammar

The only two things I was not able to figure out was, how to name "fake" [non-exiting] albums for music ripped off something like:

1] http://www2.b3ta.com/mind-control/
It is not a game [for which I would use a "Videogame Score" denotation], nor a short movie [for which I would use a broad "Movie Score" term]. What is this? A "Flash Presentation Score"? "Website Score"?

2] http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1218030/
It is not a regular show like "The Colbert Report" [that would fall under the "Show Score"] nor a transmission of some live event ["Event Score"]. It is a stand alone one time thing from TV- but I do not like calling this a "TV Special Score" or [even worse] "Special Score"

And of course I can not use only just a "Score" mark- because then I would not be able to find such thing, unless when using very long inconvenient filtering expressions like

ALBUM HAS Score AND NOT ALBUM HAS "Videogame Score" AND NOT ALBUM HAS "Movie Score" AND NOT ALBUM HAS "Show Score" AND NOT ALBUM HAS "Event Score" AND NOT ALBUM HAS "w h a t e v e r Score

[And even if- I would be mixing then these two unnamed / not-precised different categories into a one, making my searches harder]

Any ideas?

[And that "fake" and ripped factor / detonation is already taken care off, so it is not important here]

I would think that it is not necessary to repeat "Score" for each possible filter term.

Then think again: https://musicbrainz.org/release-group/37b7acec-ddbf-3588-8435-4fbbd8480eae

In my system I can find it precisely among other movie scores and know what I am listening to, having no confusion of any kind, because I denote it as
The Score [Movie Score]

As for

I settled on using
Program Score

So that still leaves me with the issue or denoting things like

Anyone? Any ideas?

I decided to denote this as Software

Under such "Software Score" I could also put something like that famous Windows 95 Startup Sound done by Brian Eno, some sounds extracted from apps etc.