Best approach for same album names?

Hi I was thinking to add ' or ` to the end of the album name.. for those albums with the same name.. I wonder what do you guys do for situations like this? to prevent the songs from albums from merging.

I think that an apostrophe on e.g. Abbey Road' would look weird.

And in the long run it would be hard to remember which one of the albums having that apostrophe. The latest one issued? The latest one you acquired? The deluxe version? How would you name the 3rd and 4th edition etc?

Personally I like to include the year so I would suggest something like this:

Abbey Road
Abbey Road (2009 remaster)

Abbey Road (1987)
Abbey Road (2009)

Abbey Road (69/87)
Abbey Road (69/09)

But I've also seen people using catalog number, record label, issuing country or even rating.

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What would be the "same name"? "Greatest Hits"? "Gold"? "Best of"? (etc.)
I would add the artist's name, perhaps separated with a special character to make clear that this was not part of the original name.

The system with the added apostrophe does not look very straight forward as it does not tell why the apostrophe got added. Was it because this album version was added to the collection later than the one without? But what does that say about the album? Which one was the original version? And if you can name that, then I would follow @vilsen's approach.

That is one approach. I used to utilize it for _FILENAMEs [within one and the same folder], until it became hard to read when I had files like Song Title ', Song Title ''... Song Title '''''''. So then I changed to something like Song Title '1, Song Title '2, Song Title '3 etc.; but after a while my naming system evolved into a more complicated one, which in turn almost completely removed such repetitions

But the problem came back for the ALBUM tag field when I started to work on it [unifying the nomenclature in it] . When I have different versions of the same album I simply [without going into details] describe them additionally as e.g. 2000 Remastered Edition, Vinyl, Sony Music Classic Edition. On top of that I have albums IDs kept in a separate tag field. And in a perfect world I could have the ID's added to the ALBUM tag field, but that would require from me to have such ID for every single file

And maybe these two topis will give you a broader view before you start revamping your files

I typically use MusicBrainz’ "release group disambiguation comment" and the "recording disambiguation comment" to make thinks like the Peter Gabriel or Weezer albums unique. This results in folder names like

Gabriel, Peter - Peter Gabriel (Car) (2002 album, XE)

Maybe you can adapt my Picard tagger script for Mp3tag: