A question about tagging mp3s

I want an artist to appear like this, when I enter it in the Artist box in the Summary tab.

"Melvins/Lustmord", but it always comes up "Melvins"


Hmm, that works for me with my mp3Tag-Version 2.37c - but you can't write it as a filename because the "/" isn't a valid character for windows-filenames.

I just upgrated to 2.37a. I noticed "%" needs to be put in somewhere, I've played around with it, but can't figure it out. :angry:

Just like this I want it to appear.

Huh? I know you can't write "/" in a filename.

You can store "Hello/World" in a tag field such as title, artist or album. However, you obviously cannot create a filename called "Hello/World" because "/" is an invalid character.

Oh...that is exactly what I'm trying to do. :frowning:

By "Tag field" you mean goign into the Summary Tab, right?

For example, if I was to enter "Hello/World" in the Artist box. It will just come out like this "Hello".

What needs to be entered for it to work?

Are you sure to work with Mp3tag created by Florian Heidenreich?

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What do you mean with "Summary Tab"? There is no "Summary Tag" in Mp3tag.

No, I meant by right clicking the mp3, then Properties ->Summary tab-> Advanced. I've tried doing it like this and in Mp3tag. No luck.

Well, it seems that you are trying to edit the file via Windows Explorer. I am not sure if Explorer adds the information you enter in an ID3 tag - maybe it only writes in the alternate data stream of a file, not sure.

What happens if you open Mp3tag, load the directory containing the file you want to edit, select the file from the file list, enter the information you want on the left pane in the title field and then hit :mt_save:?

It enters it correctly, as "Melvins/Lustmord"...but the actual files themselves show just "Melvins".

Is there anyway to do this? I've looked everywhere.

Please respect that there was in this thread above twice the hint, that you are not allowed to rename a filename using a renaming string that contains a slash character. This is a basic restriction by the underlying storage filesystem.

Tell us how you build the filename from the ARTIST tag and maybe other tags included, and I am hopefully that someone will know how to help.

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I do it manually to rename files or just use mp3tag.

I've added an attachment, the one I've circled in red is what I'm trying to change.

You sent a snapshot from Windows Explorer Properties dialog.
The picture does not show a problem by Mp3tag.

Following snapshots show that it is possible to set ARTIST tag from within Mp3tag and have the same value displayed by Windows Explorer Properties dialog.

What is going wrong on your side? What do you do?

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  1. DetlevD Windows Explorer cannot read ID3v2.4 so in your screenshot it shows the ID3v1 tag. Please try it with v2.3

  2. In ID3v2.3 in the Artist field the / sign is meant to seperate multiple artists. Mp3tag doesn't care about this but it seems the Explorer does and it truncates the tag after the / sign.
    I can't verify this since my explorer properties are screwed but maybe the other people here try it.

Biosphere it would have been nice if you had mentioned windows explorer in the beginning to make it all clearer.

v2.3 of mp3tag?

So, I'm guessing there's no way to fix this?

[quote]Old versions

I mean the ID3v2 tag version. You can change it in Options > Tags > Mpeg

No, as it seems now, you can't make the explorer show / in the Artist field.
Only if you use only ID3v1 tag.
But it is important what the explorer shows? I don't think so. You can always install some shell extension that has better tag handling.

Ok..I'm using mp3tag v2.37a... Tools-> Options-> Tags-> Mpeg?
in Mpeg-> Write has ID3v1, ID3v2 ticked, APEv2 isn't ticked.
It currently has ID3v2.3 UTF-16...which should I select?
I will only keep ID3v1 ticked.

I have no idea how to install shell extensions...I'm clueless about computers. :frowning:

I wouldn't use ID3v1 only since that is limited to 30 characters for the main fields (artist, album, title). Depending on where you use the files, different ID3v2 versions are recommended. Since iTunes for example has problems with unicode in combination with ID3v2.4 tags, if you have an iPod you'd better use one of the ID3v2.3 variants. If you don't need unicode (don't have Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc. artists, albums or titles), you can use the ISO ID3v2.3.

I did it. :slight_smile: I choose ID3v2.4 UTF-8.

I can now enter "/" in the Artist box...but a few files (not always the same files) keep on changing back to "Lustmord" or "Melvins" for some reason. :unsure: