Aac codec image tag error

AAC Codec's tag is problem in recently mp3tag ver.

Maybe 2.86 ver. is OK but, 2.90 ver. is not worked. (I was not test all version)

If I add cover image two or more add to aac file, when i view only one image in foobar2000.
When I add and remove in mp3tag, not work well...

see here:

I think that aac is mp4. I'm use to qaac conveter.
I have some player Samsung S7 Edge, Music player in Car navigation product(This is not special device)
That all device support Cover image, Of course support only one image.

So, I think that I insert only one image to aac file. Right?

PS. I upload one information my file.info

No, aac is aac and mp4 is mp4.
Mp4 is a container format which allows more than just one image.
If you use aac then you are confined to the restrictions of that format.

The file you're referring to is an AAC file in an MP4 container. This is different from plain AAC. You can upload an example file and describe again what's not working in combination with foobar2000.

If it's difficult to describe in English, you can also use Google Translate to translate it for you.

Upload sample file.

You can see difference count of cover image between mp3tag 2.90 and 2.82 version.

Download url : https://drive.google.com/open?id=17fy18-fNkrvQlE2vc9tPjOc0i_BB2PEY

Thanks for the sample file.

I've analyzed the file, it has a normal MP4 tag (1 cover) and a Nero tag (2 covers). You can see this in the "Tag" column which shows "MP4 (MP4 Nero)". Older versions of Mp3tag prioritized the Nero tag, which was a bad idea in hindsight.

I'd suggest removing the tag and adding a fresh tag to avoid further confusion.

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