Acees denied on launch & exit. Config 'lost'

I upgraded to v3.32b (x64 Windows) some weeks ago.
When I launch MP3Tag I get the error Accces Denied
I click OK then it launches.
However my configuration is lost i.e. customised columns and tag panels
When I exit I get 'Access denied' error then another access denied error.
How do I restore my settings please?
There is no 'Import configuration' or 'Restore configuration' menu item.
If I click on File > Open configuration folder it takes me to Program Files> MP3tag
In my C>users>username>AppData>Roaming (%userdata%there is a MP3tag folder and an older 'MP3tag - copy' folder.
I have changed ownership on both these to no avail as suggested in another thread (they were set to my username anyway).
I'd like to sort this before I upgrade to 3.23 in case upgrading will write over the MP3tag - copy' folder in %useerdata%, which I've saved to a backup folder anyway, just to be cautious.
Can I just delete the most current MP3tag folder in %userdata% and rename the MP3tag - Copy folder to MP3tag to make it the current config?

Many thanks

See the documentation

and the notes on how to upgrade:

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