action convert to capitalize proper names only


Some tags are way too long. For example:
Johnny And The Screaming Purple Machines - His Mother Left Him When He Was Only Six - I Knew I Should Have Gone Back Home When She Said So.

So to save space I would like to have only the first letter and Proper names of an album title and song title capitalized.
In other words

David Blabla - Singing Songs In A New York Park - Walking With Mary On The Streets Of Madison Avenue




david blabla - singing songs in a new york park - walking with mary on the streets of madison avenue

Would be changed to:

David Blabla - Singing songs in a New York park - Walking with Mary on the streets of Madison avenue

As you can see the words that are now capitalized are only: the first letter of each group and proper names.

What I have done, and am asking, is, if this were regular writing, say a school paper, then what is capitalized is only the first letter of a sentence and proper names. Hence what I'm asking (Yes I know in proper grammar a title would all be capitalized)

Thank you

Making specific words lowercase?

Only solution would be changing everything to sentence case and then running an action to replace "new york" with "New York" and all other names you want capitalized.


I do this exactly as suggested by Sebastian Mares! I have a (long) list of city-names, abbreviations like "S.O.S." and many more.

Every time I see such a name, I add it to my Action-List and this list grows and grows. :rolleyes:

How would you automate such a task, especially for your definition of "proper names"?


One thing clear: there is no proper grammar rule. English has no regulatory organisation to determine such things, unlike other languages that come readily to mind. (Icelandic, French, Swedish, and so on). English at the present time is stuck in a prescriptivist nightmare and a descriptivist's favoruite state of being.


English at the present time is stuck in a prescriptivist nightmare and a descriptivist's favoruite state of being.
that's what human language(s) vs artificial ones is all about!

sorry, couldn't resist :sunglasses:


How does that save space???

But that's not how titles are generally capitalized in English. That's how you would capitalize a sentence, so would be appropriate only in things like COMMENT fields. Proper title capitalization would be:

David Blabla - Singing Songs in a New York Park - Walking with Mary on the Streets of Madison Avenue

Your suggested capitalization would be impossible without an enormously long set of proper names created manually. The example immediately above would be possible using grammar rules, but would be difficult.