Add Cover Art to right-click on cover space


I'd really love to have the "Cover Art" options while right-clicking on cover space in the left column.

Right now, having to click on the top menu is quite time-consuming when batch tagging.

Thank you!

My Mp3tag version 3.01 show this context menu:

What exactly are you missing?

Add Cover Art

Hello and first of all thank you for the answer.
I miss this:

I second this. I use Tag Sources all the time, mainly for cover art, and it would be great to have a quicker way to access.

As the name for a tag source script is completely user-defined ... how should MP3tag guess that a script is intend to get only the cover?

I'm sorry, I did not understand the question. Maybe I did not explain well what I'd like to have. I'd need "Cover Art" options (Discogs, Discogs Artist + Album, Discogs Artist + Title, etc.) added to the context menu of the cover space in the left column.

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ohrenkino... this idea, which makes sense, wouldn't ask that MP3tag guess what the script wants. I believe the OP is asking if a specific link to the cover-grabbing script could be added to the context menu of the cover space.

Seems simple in concept, eh?

As an additonal tweak, this thread started me searching thru the archives, and I came across a post that showed how to move MusicBrainz (or any script) to the top of the list. Turns out it's alpha-sorted. I renamed it AA-musicbrainz.