Add Cover in mkv

Hello Florian,

I use Mp3Tag for video by inserting one image/cover to each movie.
Very nice for choosing on TV with NAS connection.

Today Mp3Tag allows to add an image to Mp4 and Avi, but not for Mkv.

Do you intend to open that functionality in the future ?

Thank you very much.

Have a nice time.

Hi Geo,

Yes, it's on my internal wishlist. Glad you like the MKV support – had very little feedback on that so far.

Kind regards
— Florian

That's a very good news, thanks to you.

Bumping this thread. I did some updates today to some older mkv files, and was surprised to see that the covers I added were not saved. Is this still a planned feature, or is there some limitation that prevents covers from being stored?

(easy cover for mkv)
Please let it be like the mp4
Put a face on the mkv

Mp3tag v3.06e adds support for editing cover art with Matroska MKA/MKV.


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