Add Discogs Genre & Styles to Mp3-Genre


i would like to add genre and styles from discogs to the genre field of my mp3 files in this format:

Mp3-Genre: DOGs-Genre/DOGs-Style1/DOGs-Style2

how can i implement this? From the looks of it, mp3tag doesn't fetch the style tag?

If you have a look at the Websource Script source code for Discogs in a text editor like Notepad++

you will find this lines:
This indicates that Genre and Style should be fetched - if available at Discogs.

Do you know a real example, where the Genre and Style is available online, but not applied to your matching tracks?

With such a real example we could try to combine the contents to your desired format

You're right. silly me. Style is fetched as an extra tag.

I think I only need one action to bring this together in the genre tag.

Please show us a screenshot of one of your currently tagged tracks after pressing Alt + T (Menu View -> Extended Tags).

This way we can see what kind of tags we should combine.

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