Add missing ID3 styles (genres) types support

I miss many of standard music styles defined in ID3 (for example Indie Rock). This not only means missing option for that styles in genre selector, but also wrongly saved tag, because of text usage instead of genre ID in genre tag.

Please, add support for those missing styles.

Please have a look at the ID3 "standard declaration" ... (80 entries) ...

All other existing assignments or classifications are not "standard".


Thanks for reply.

So it means that there is problem with different assingments? How many "above-standard" assignments exists? I know only about Winamp one, so I'm curious about collision probability.

What about a little research on your side?
Anyway: the pre-defined (standard) options for GENRE are thre for the ID3V1 standard where each genre has a defined number from 1 to 256 - and only this one is stored in the tag. Any string that does not match the predefined list is mapped to "Other".
In the ID3V2.3 standard you can input anything you like into the genre field which means that there is no standard anymore. So the only standard that is to be followed is that for V2.3 tags, a string has to be saved and not a number.
You can add custom genres in the File>Options dialogue.

I had similar problem: /t/16611/1

But before you start tagging all of your music check this out: /t/17672/1, /t/17714/1. It may be that your format[s] may have some issues with unusual signs in the genre tag field or a made up tag field

And here is some more about struggles with making up your own genres: /t/16636/1

I have did research before and haven't found any mapping different than Winamp. So there should be any problem in implementing these extension genres, so it will be compatible with music tagged with Winamp.

Your advice doesn't have sense for me. Why should every MP3Tag user adding custom genres for well known genres (in community of music tagger users of course), when they could be there by default?

When I've implemented the default genre list many years ago, there were the ID3v1 standard genres (the list DetlevD pointed out above) and genres 80 to 147 which were added by Winamp. So everything between 158 and 254 is not used by Mp3tag as of now.

This is also the main question I'd like to answer, before I'm adding any further genres to the default list. Can you point out which programs are using those numeric genre identifiers — mainly, how did you discover that Mp3tag is missing support for those? Based on that information, I can decide if the list can be safely extended.

Kind regards
– Florian

Please refrain from posting anything that doesn't add value to the discussion. See my explanation above to understand where you haven't researched the topic to the extend that is necessary to give a qualified answer.

I'll try to say it in other words:
In ID3V1, there are actually pre-defined genres. If other users use only these, there will be no hickup. If you do not use these pre-defined genres (and V1 tags), but enter another one, the next one to open the file, will see the genre as "Other"

If you use ID3V2.3, you can enter more or less any text and the next one to open the file will see this text also. I've got a source that likes to use "Hip hop" instead of "Hip-hop" - so my library program shows me 2 entries for more or less the same genre.

What I try to put forward: even though you can select from a list in MP3tag, you are still not saved from a multitude of entries for the same kind of genres as ID3V2.3 allows these liberties.

I would prefer if you don't extend the defaults in mp3tag,

  • id3v1 is out of date
  • mostly if someone add something outside the defaults, it ends up in an compatibility desater. (my favorite example was adding ape tags to mp3... <_< or using unicode in id3v1 tags :angry: )

As ohrenkino wrote, he can use id3v2.3, it's allowed to add genres there.
If there is a list in mp3tag for predefinded geres, it's the pefect solution.


The ID3 list is missing significant genres. "Christian", "Christian Rock" are not listed yet "Christian Rap" is just boggles my mind.

I just add my own text for missing genres and make sure that I'm consistent in my 22,000 song library. Before I and ANY album/song to my library I verify all tags.

The built-in genre list is by no means perfect nor complete. However, I've decided to update Mp3tag to include the additions made by Winamp 5.x (ID3v1 genres 148 to 191) with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.84d.

If you need other genres or if the list is too overwhelming, you can always add your own genres at "Options > Genres" and/or configure Mp3tag to only show your genres.

And if you have a nice and complete list of user-defined genres, feel free to share your %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\genres.ini

Kind regards
– Florian

Hello all
I'm new on the Block (blog)
And i want to know where is the list of the GENRE because, i don't want 256 sort of styles
I just want the mine. For me, sort by too much styles has no sense to my music

around twenty style are enough for me

You can limit the display of genres to just your preferred ones if you set the options in File>Options>Genre.
You would have to add a list of preferred genres, though.